Identifying the Top AdWords Opportunities

Understanding opportunities from Rookie to Advanced so you can generate more revenue with your AdWords campaign.

By now, you probably know AdWords can be a very powerful tool. It can also be a huge waste of money if you don’t use it properly.

There are hundreds of settings in AdWords and many of them can can cost hundreds, if not thousands if they're set up wrong.

I have audited hundreds of AdWords accounts over the years. I've compiled a list of the most common mistakes that people are making that are costing them thousands of dollars.

Let's go through them together, save you some cash and improve your skill set!

In this course you'll learn:

  • One simple SETTINGS technique in AdWords that could save you thousands over time
  • How to make sure your ad is ALWAYS shown to a user
  • Using split-testing to increase your opportunities for a click
  • Why mobile ads can make the sale

... and more! PLUS, the end of the course is jam-packed with bonus content. And best of all? It's 100% completely free.

Here's what people are saying about Dave's training:

"My AdWords training with David Ogletree/WME Training has been very positive and it’s clear he has an abundance of AdWords knowledge and how it continues to evolving. His approach was easily to follow and he had no problem answering the myriad of questions I had. Considering I found his class through an add on Google is the icing on the cake. I recommend WME Training and will continue to use them to take my AdWords experience to the next level."

- Jeff Grant

I recently joined the company I am currently with, which already had an AdWords account put in place and managed by an agency. My boss wasn’t completely satisfied with the results we were getting and wanted me to completely take over and run the account. Not having a day of training in AdWords, I began searching for explainers, tutorials, and even took an online course with Udemy. I learned the basics of AdWords but didn’t know where to even start with the already existing AdWords account we had. My boss then found WME Training online and we signed up for a face to face class and that truly was the biggest game changer! David’s knowledge of not only AdWords, but his expertise in all things web and computer related helped me tremendously with our overall web presence! We saw major improvement within two weeks of making changes to our account! David takes the time to understand your account and what your AdWords goals are and knows exactly what needs to be done to achieve them.

- Elahe Alam, Marketing Coordinator

So what are you waiting for? LET'S DO THIS!

Your Instructor

David Ogletree
David Ogletree

David Ogletree has been training groups and individuals 1996. David started out in 1996 as a contractor for the state of Texas training blind people on how to use computers, operating systems, Braille readers, word processors, and other adaptive technology. In 2003 David started working with Pay Per Click and teaching others how to use it. David has worked as a contractor for many different types of companies so he will be able to speak to classes about their type of business and tailor their training for their industry.

David is certified in Google AdWords and Microsoft Office. Over the years he has held certifications such as Microsoft Certified System Engineer, CISCO Wireless, and Compaq Hardware.

Course Curriculum

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  Understanding Delivery
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  Broad Matching
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  Long Split Tests
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